Friday, May 11, 2007

Jade or Yixing?

A Turn-of-the-Century Yixing. Thru good care and usage, the surface of the pot will turn into visual characteristic of Jade. A "Treasure Glow" in Chinese term. But you can always see the original stage of the pot from the interior wall.


Christina Hauck said...

That is a beautiful teapot, Toki. How did you find it? I wouldn't mind seeing some more pictures.

toki said...

Thank you Christina, Its very rare to find something like so. Perfectly aged Clay, Perfectly crafted, Perfectly kilned and Perfectly preserved.

There is a Chinese phrase I always use: "By Faith, but not by Quest."

Here is more image:

enjoy. T

maiqd said...

That's a very nice pot.

Christina Hauck said...

What beauties! Christina

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