Tuesday, May 22, 2007

"Appraisal & Appreciation" of Yixings

Meeting with He Daohong, National Craft Master. Part 1 of 3

The Art of yixing pottery has a long history in which many artists played a part. They created many types of pots, of varying standards and levels. Teapot-making helps to influence and develop one's character and provides one with spiritual insight. How do we distinguish between the good and the bad and place an artistic value on a work? I would summarize in three points:

1. Visual Beauty - The primary value of the pot is visual beauty. An appropriate design must have suitable proportions which give pleasure to the eye. One must be able to see the solidity and strength imparted by the artist, and an elegance of style offering the viewer melodic beauty and artistic imagination. The theme of the pot must be outstanding offering the viewer assistance in seeking spiritual insight.

to be continue....

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