Thursday, April 30, 2009

Winter Shan Lin Shi, luanze Oolong

2008 Late Winter Shan Lin Shi luanze Oolong

1. From which vendor, farmer, source: Teamaster
2. Date of Harvest: Winter 2008
3. Elevation: 1650m
4. Soil based: Soil
5. Which area: Shan Li Shi
6. Varietal. qingxin
7. Fired level: Light
8. Bush age: young
9. Grade: -
10. breathing tea before brewing: 7 days

Brewing vessel, water:
1. Water source: Poland Spring
2. Aged or fresh: -
3. How you boil your water: Electric Water Boiler
4. Temp. for the first 3 steeping: Rolling boil, rinse, 1-3rd brew.
5. What kind of brewing vessel: 60cc Gaiwan
6. What kind of cup to drink from: Eggshell

Brewing Parameter:
Amount: 4g
Rinse time: Flash
Set time: 15 sec
infusing time: 5 sec/15s/30s then add 30 sec
Height of water pouring: chest level
Hitting spots: side, till rolling leaves.

Result of the brew:
Color: clear, pale yellowish lime and bright
Aroma: sweet, floral, veggie, clean high mountain air
Texture: clean and light
Mouth feel: Refreshing, minty, light seaweed, fruity
Effects of the brew: long sweetness mid tone, calm and comfortable. Best brew 3rd.
How many brews: 5th

Drinking time of the day: Mid afternoon
High/low humidity: 48% hum, 60s temp
Rainy or sunny? Sunny. mild and cool

End notes:
A very gentle calming high mountain Taiwanese oolong, Small oily rolled leaves, delicate 1 bud/2 leaves with small yellow stems. No harsh veggie, overwhelming tannis. Very mild qi. Don't think I can age this? I think I am more a custom to stronger brews.... Finishing with a Davidoff Perfecto. A mild fruity smoke companying the sweetness aftertaste of a young oolong.

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