Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Early 1970s loose puerh

Recently I received a package from Taiwan. A tea aficionado I meet over the internet and eventually become tea friend.
He was so kind to sent me 5 rare tea samples which included:

- 2008 Late Winter Shan Lin Shi luanze Oolong
- 2008 Late Winter Hung Shui Oolong from Dong Ding
- 1990 Spring Hung Shui Oolong from San Hsia
-1980 Hung Shui Oolong from Dong Ding.

I will be writing some feed backs in the coming posts.
- Early 1970s loose puerh

1. From which vendor, farmer, source: Teamaster
2. Date of Harvest: around 1970
3. Elevation: -
4. Soil based: -
5. Which area: Fong Sha
6. Varietal. broad-leaf arbor
7. Fired level: -
8. Bush age: young
9. Grade: 4-6
10. breathing tea before brewing: 7 days

Brewing vessel, water:
1. Water source: Poland Spring
2. Aged or fresh: -
3. How you boil your water: Electric Water Boiler
4. Temp. for the first 5 steeping: fish eyes, rinse, 1-5th brew.
5. What kind of brewing vessel: 60cc Gaiwan
6. What kind of cup to drink from: Eggshell

Brewing Parameter:
Amount: 3g
Rinse time: Flash
Set time: 30 sec
infusing time: 10 sec/20s/30s then add 30 sec
Height of water pouring: chest level
Hitting spots: side, till rolling leaves.

Result of the brew:
Color: clear corn red dark
Aroma: Delicate, floral, brown sugar, woody, Hong Kong storage.
Texture: clean and light
Mouth feel: Refreshing, sweet, camphor and dry mushroom
Effects of the brew: Understated, mellow, not rough, calm delicate qi. Best brew after 8th.
How many brews: 15th

Drinking time of the day: Late afternoon
High/low humidity: 50s% hum, 50s temp
Rainy or sunny? Sunny. mild with clouds

End notes:
A very gentle hong kong style loose aged, broad long wiry new bush, healthy with stems. The tea has been mellow out, peak time to drink, then to hold? The overall character of the storage tasted really like Sun Sing tea from Hong Kong. A comfortable nostalgic loose pu.

I then ended it with a 12 yrs aged Epicure No. 2 to complete the experience.... more to come.

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