Sunday, April 22, 2007

My New favorite pot...

Since Juliet: is still in Yixing teapot hospital, for a golden make-over. I've been looking for a medium size pot for younger green puerh.
And here is my new love! A 160ml, medium fired, heavy walled pot. I am absolutely fascinated with her performance, wondering how her color will change, with my continue seasoning and the miracle of patina.


Hobbes said...

Very pretty indeed, particularly the sweet lid-loop. Where is she from?



toki said...

Thank you hobbes. The loops, ear and the balance of the body sold me to it.

I got her in Yixing. Was made by a teapot factory owner. She used to be a teapot craftman before she started her business.

It's already getting oily and a bit of a glow from the feeding : )

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