Thursday, April 26, 2007

Aged Dan Cong tasting

Since is the season of Dan Cong harvesting. I am conducting a tasting in 3 stages of aged Dan Cong. One, Two and Three years old differences. All are from the same farmer and same valley in Feng Huang Shan, around 1500m.
It will probably take 2 days for the tasting...

Using my own 300ml Dan Cong pot. Cool infusion method.


Steven said...


What's the cold infusion method that you mention?

Also, do you find a 300ml pot to be overwhelming in size for one person? Knowing your ability to consume caffeine, probably not, but I'm curious if all your pots are that big.

I enjoyed drinking tea with you and the others Tuesday night at The Tea Gallery.

Steven (from SF)

toki said...

Always glad to see you on "Tuesday", Steven. And thanks for sharing your tea with us.

Since my DC (white leaf species) can be brew for 8 plus times in hot brewing. A 300 ml pot for cool brew is better. When cool brewing: First you rinse the leaves with hot water. Start steeping them in warm water in the beginning and to room temp. water later. Each brew might take a longer time depending on the color after the 3rd infusion, up to 5-7 times. My timing are: 1st/5mins, 2nd/15mins, 3rd/30mins, 4th/1hr, 5th/3hrs, 6th/overnight . A bigger pot is better for the leaves to open up, and for a long waiting so you can have a bigger cup to satisfy your impatient till the next infusion kinda thang: )

DC is a very delicate tea. Usually for a high mountain old DC, using hot brew, I do not infuse them more then 5 sec. in the first 3 brews. So a cool method will bring out the delicate character.

~ Phyll said...

I will have to try this method with the excellent (!) DC that you sent to me. How much leaves do you use for this cold infusion method with the 300ml pot, T?

This method should be great to make your tea guests stay longer at your place, eh? :)

toki said...

Remind me which tea I sent you? I think one is from Wuyi and the other from FH.... Right?

I would recommend this method only for DC.
Around 10g for 250-300 ml.

Let me know : )

Sina said...

Hi, I think I've been to the same farm you visited in your previous entry from august 2006!! (Great Blog, very readable, thank you.) It's an amazing place, by any chance did you vist with a farmer/owner named Mr. Yan? He took me up to this farm two years ago. Unfortunately, it was so cloudy that day, when we got to the top of the path there's a lake, and we couldnt see it. I am interested in the picture of the 80's pu-er you posted, you said you took it in HK, I'll be there next week, looking for good tea, do you mind sharing a good source? Also, I'm going to Guangzhou, and I've been to Fan Cong but I dont recognise the picture of the covered tea shops you posted, the Tea Market of the south I know has open streets.... where were you at?

Thanks in advance for your advice,

toki said...

Sorry for this much delayed notes, Sina.
And a warm Welcome and Thanks for stopping by!

The Best Tea House in HK got some of the best DC and pureh. Although the tag for their best selections are a bit steep, but the quality is guaranty (or you can return and demand for even better ones for free : )

Unfortunately the farmers we encountered in FH have different Last name.... I did met a couple of owners before settling for one. But if you are in the heaven lake mountain, which is Wu Dong Mountain. That is where the most famous DC came from. Maybe we can share our inventory if you have a chance to come to NYC.

Good Luck for your tea hunting in China and be safe.

虎茶 said...

I'm one of DC's lover, DC is very unique, for their single plant process, every Sung Chung has their own taste, very special.

For Sina,
Hong Kong Tea House for your reference.
The Best Tea House

also, there is a resturant, they serve many nice tea with special Cantonese food. On their tea menu, you even find some nice puer too, like 88-7542, Tai Yick etc.


toki said...

Sina, thru some digging, I found the Farmer I did met on WuDong Mt. last name is Man. They are the oldest tea farmer klan near the top of WD.

And thanks you for stopping by 虎茶! Maybe one day we can eat and drink in the beautiful city of HK.

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