Saturday, December 30, 2006

Thank You.

It is my greatest joy and gratitude, that I had received these gifts for my wedding.
I started planting this "Virtual seed" back in May 2006, to share my adventure in the passage for tea.
Through time, this tea blog has became fruitful with like-minded mandarins.

Even though we have never met face to face sharing the same cup of tea, tea has drawn us together as friends.
I guess this will be the future of communication for man kind.... but I still see the age old Chinese tradition of sharing a cup of good tea, or offering each other tea as a gesture of harmony and peace. The Chinese saying of "Through tea, friends gather" will have a new meaning in our times.

I and my new family, sincerely thank you, Lawrence, Andrew and Stephane for having me in your thoughts and sharing all these wonderful gifts which we all treasured. I am certain that one day, even we are all apart now; Will gather together to share this wonderful experience that became our life long pursuit.

Yours Truthfully and Respectfully,
Timothy, Jooyoung and Toki.


MarshalN said...

And my sincerest congratulations to you!

I hope you are enjoying your honeymoon :)

~ Phyll said...

Congratulations! Now we have one more thing in common. Welcome to the married men club! :)

Stephane said...

... and in 9 months+ maybe you'll even join the married with child(ren) club! Juggling tea and a baby, that's gongfu!

toki said...

I am holding on the Honeymoon part, at least to enjoy for another 5 years.... "Just the 2 of us" for now.

Thank you all, my dear friends. I am hoping to see Marshain in NYC soon? And try to get him settle down maybe!? haha.

TRAN said...

Hi Toki,

I learned so much from your blog as well as others. You are being appreciated! I also like Chinese / Taiwanese tea and Yixing teawares like yours but I am not tea-addict. I can stop drinking tea for weeks for medical reason (though always drink tea after lunch and supper everyday and I usually drink mineral or plain water while at work). In my opinion, maybe I am a Yixing addict, especially antique teapots. I am Vietnamese.

Anyway, I want to share with tou the passion of and self-appreciation in tranquility and tea fragance... Bye!


toki said...

Thanks Tran! I will post more antique Yixings to share then. Cheers, T

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