Friday, October 22, 2010

Our First Tea Tasting...

Kick starting our new tea room with a tasting of a competition winning Wenshan Baozhong 2010.
A generous gift from a dear Taiwanese artist/professor. All I can say is... Artists get the best tea!
It tasted like a combination of a Wudong Dancong, Anxi TGY, a rush of a high mountain Taiwanese, with subtile profile and powerful qi.

Michael, Winnie, Dae was delighted to finally share our combined effort on Winnie's favorite tea table.
I am looking forward to the Events we all so enthusiastically put together. 


Ho Go said...

Best Wishes for your new endeavor and partnership. Would love to come and join you sometime.

Bill said...

Best Wishes!

Victor said...

The Mandarin's Tea Room is a tea artistry in my books. I am blessed to learn from Tim, Michael, Winnie and Dae.

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