Tuesday, January 05, 2010

The Mandarin's Meeting IV

Tea gathering, to me, is for sharing of mind and sincerity. Learning from each other is the most fulfilling moment.

Very different than traditional tea fights, the tea presented is merely a fresh air to feed the mind. It's become a talking point to allure out ones humble and unpretentious self. I had the greatest pleasure over the last year to have tea with 4 admiring mandarins in the red room. My deepest thanks to MarshalN, The Tea Gallery, Brian and Will for taking their time for these gathering.

And I am excited beyond words to be part of the New York Tea Gathering Group formed by Michael Vincent and Brandon Hale. Although it's only our 3rd gathering, the results in my opinion were indulging. I am looking forward to having more such grouping in the city, or perhaps we could soon be joined with the West-Coast tea group? That again might need the power and charm of Will to organize such event.

The last weekend of 2009, Will and Louise were kind enough to drop by with wonderful wonderful gifts. Although, this is the first time we finally met after many online chats and facebook's time, I didn't feel any distance or barrier from the lovely couple. Like kids on the beach, we jumped right into the waves of tea, starting with Taiwanese red, a couple of Yixing reds, 8582, and couple of High fired Wuyis. A total of less than 6 hrs submerged into the tea sea.

William has a personal preference on Yixing red, a rare varitial which people in the West don't usually encounter. He brought over a really nice sample of his favorite, with golden buds and fine wiry leaves, it tastes like Swedish semi-sweet chocolate. A very memorable brew indeed. We parted after a small pot of an aged '80s Anxi TGY which I acquired from my recent trip, using a 70's Shuiping. Heavy handed Chaozhou King Fu Cha style left us all tipsy and light headed. Although I miss the chance of saying good bye before they return to LA, due to a cold right after.... I am looking forward to seeing them again somewhere in the middle states.

Once again, Salute to Mr. Yardley and Louise for their generosity, gifts and company.

Top photo courtesy of The Naked Sushi


Will said...



toki said...

Watch Out those Flickr's Asian Smokers ; )
Thanks again Will! Enjoying those Lau Yu Fat at the moment. Cheers~T

Will said...

Dude... she got 2 more creepy requests the same day she added those photos!

Thanks again for having us. Hopefully you'll be forced to come visit LA one of these days.

Haixia Marina Lin said...

Jealous :), I wish I can make such good tea friends in Sydney too. Happy new year!

Matt said...

Perhaps we will finally share a pot.

One is planning on being in New York sometime this spring.


toki said...

Yes Matt! You have my email? Can't wait ~ T

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