Sunday, March 22, 2009

New Spring Additions Part 1

Over the past 2 weeks, I finally had some time to fix up my tea table leakage. I bought 2 burlwood root tables almost 12 years ago. One functions nicely in the studio, but the other one leaks at the drainage area. After many previous attempts including drilling and filling, nothing really worked and I finally decided to seal the whole thing with 5 layers of Polyurethane.

To celebrate the soft launch, I pulled out my 90's Taiwanese made Mansheng Zhuni pot. This is one of the classic pear shaped Manshengs, using new zhuni. Although it is not an antique, the feel and style of it creates a very nostalgic moment. Except the seal inside the pot, it puzzled me... Why would the maker/factory be so insensitive to try to perfect an old look, than kind of putting a barcode on it at the end?

Anyhow, I tried 3 kinds of teas to test the pot:
1. Old Bush high elevation DC 2004.
2. Nannou 2004 single estate old bushes.
3. Cooked loose 4th grade pu from NY-Chinatown.

They all came out wonderful! It softened the first 2 body and mellowed down the edges. Then it took away the wet storage of the loose cook. Adding to my tea table is holding on, I could not ask for more.... to be continued.

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Bill said...

Nice looking pot! I have also seen stamps inside very nice pots on Taobao. phfft!


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