Friday, February 27, 2009

The Tea Gallery

My alluring tactics using this blog had paid off.... After the first success of inviting MarshalN to the mandarin's tea room, I am honored to have Michael and Winnie from the tea gallery to pay a visit. What a lovely President day's tea gathering. Michael's family and financial consultant Jay joining my family to have an early dinner/tea/cigar evening.

What's on the menu? 80's wild loose pu to start and a 06 refined fired SX after, paring with dry aged rib-eye, 2001 aromani and Cohibas to finish. Of course my lovely wife had prepared butterfly sugar pie for the sweet tooth. Paring tea with food, wine, smoke and sweet is quite a task. But this will be my next goal in tea drinking. Perhaps that is why wine aficionados have been adding cheese to their tasting? Ah... cheese and tea! Brilliant.

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Brandon said...

That is quite a nice tea room you have, TIM. And good company.

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