Monday, May 26, 2008

Paradise in Southern region of Korea

700m Hadong, Jiri San, KyungSangNamdo. Clear mountain stream, Rock based soil, high and cool altitude, the environment is a heaven for growing tea. May is the high season of harvesting this "Bird's tongue" original Korean tea, and processing them to be JakSulCha; A proper term of Korean "green" tea. Since the term "green tea" is a direct translation of Japanese tea, and the process is different, traditional Korean tea farmers address their tea as Bird's tongue = Jak Sul tea.


MarshalN said...

Where are you now?

vl. said...

Looks like a very natural tea plantation. Beautiful. Paradise indeed...


toki said...

Thanks. VL indeed the place is a little heaven for me and tea alike.

M-I am in IZU Pen. Japan now..... slurping japanese green tea in a 150 yrs. old onsen : )

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